FlowRisen fysical Evangelism school 2023

Discover evangelism with God and be equipped to share the gospel.

Evangelism support

For churches and other Christian organizations we offer training and support in the field of evangelism.

Our Mission & vision

Activating, Equipping and mobilizing Christians to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so that people can be saved though faith in Jesus and the Kingdom of God expends.

What we do


Helping Christians to evangelize actively what results in more fruits in their lives and joy in the living word of God.


We would like to bring various initiatives to your attention that help you at or with evangelism.


Organizing events to bring together an army of Christians to evangelize together

Evangelizing is reaching people with the life-changing message of Jesus. Not according to a standard human tune or method, but driven by God's spirit, His word and His love for people.


Galatians 2:20

Do you want to spread the words of Jesus...

On a way that God calls you for?

Getting practical tools to reach people in your own neighbourhood?

Together with passionate people from different Christian communities in the Netherlands?

Contributing to further breakthrough of Gods Kingdom on earth?

Then we are looking forward to meet you at one of our events. evangelisatie events!

Are you part of a Christian community?

And would your Christian community like to be equipped or activated in the field of evangelism?


Then we are happy to help. Thanks to our years of experience in the field of evangelism, our passion for people and Jesus, and our extensive network of evangelists throughout the Netherlands, we can be of added value to your community. For example, we can take care of evangelism related Lecture, Training, or outreach. Are you interested? Please fill in the contact form here below  or send an email to info@flowrisen.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible!

What people say about FlowRisen Ministries...

FlowRisen is a passionate organization that carries out the heart of Jesus. Also come over to one of their events and get involved!

Daniel van Deutekom

Founder of God First Ministries

FlowRisen has given me great tools to reach people with Christ and get them involved with the gospel in their daily lives. Besides that, I really love to spread the gospel with the great people of FlowRisen and to learn from each other.

Jacques Koek


FlowRisen helps Christians in an accessible and inspiring way to point non-believing people to Jesus. I love to see that!

Arnt Volmar

Founder of the Home Church Initiative

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Live life to the full with Christ.

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